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Would you like to stop smoking?

Finding support, choosing a quit date, creating a quit plan, and adhering to it are all standard methods for quitting smoking.

Having said that, you should customize your strategy to fit your personality.

Choose from a variety of techniques that can be combined or used alone.

What techniques are available to quit smoking?

The greatest technique for quitting smoking are :

Nicotine Replacement Therapy ( NRT),

Prescription medication such as Bupropion medication, and Counseling. There is also a new natural health product called Cytisine available in Canada since 2017.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy ( NRT) include

Nicotine patch: a nicotine patch (long-acting) releases a slow, continuous supply of nicotine into your bloodstream.

It comes in several strengths, so you may gradually lessen your body's need on nicotine to manage your cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Nicotine gum: rapidly delivers nicotine to your body.

It's not chewed like regular gum because the nicotine is absorbed through your cheek and gums; therefore, for it to function properly, you must bite the gum a few times and then hold it against your cheek.

Nicotine inhaler:immediately releases nicotine through a plastic cartridge or cylinder placed between your fingers.

When you inhale using the inhaler, nicotine is released and taken in through your mouth and throat instead of your lungs.

By imitating the hand-to-mouth motion of smoking, it might also be beneficial.

Inhalers don't use heat to produce aerosol like vaping devices or e-cigarettes do.

Nicotine lozenges:The tablet dissolves in your mouth like a hard candy, and rapidly releasing nicotine.The lozenge is placed on your gums, and you occasionally shift its location.

Prescription medication:

Prescription drugs like varenicline or bupropion can help relieve the symptoms of withdrawal and lessen the desire to smoke.

Although they both affect how different areas of your brain respond to nicotine, they both have different actions.

Some drugs are used prior to quitting smoking, while others can be combined with other strategies like the nicotine patch or gum.

It depends on the medication and strategy that your doctor advises.

Although side effects from prescription drugs are possible, your doctor can advise you on the best course of action if you do.

Cytisine the over the counter medication:

cytisine, which is derived from the golden rain plant (Cytisus laburnum), operates by partially inhibiting the nicotine-receptors in the brain. As a natural health product, it has been authorized for smoking cessation in Canada since 2017.

There is evidence that cytisine is a risk-free, effective, and economical choice.Without a prescription, you can buy cytisine at some pharmacies and online from the manufacturer.

Your physician or pharmacist can still assist you in determining whether it is the best course of action for you.

It's crucial to closely adhere to the dosage recommendations if you want to successfully quit.

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