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The importance of using alcohol-free mouthwash

When it comes to mouthwash, most people believe that one containing alcohol will be more effective in cleaning their mouth than one containing no alcohol.

It is important to remember that the primary purpose of using mouthwash is to remove plaque and kill bacteria that have accumulated around the gum line, which will help to prevent periodontal diseases, strengthen the enamel against dental decay, and prevent halitosis.

The question now is whether alcohol- or alcohol-free mouthwash is superior.

The only thing that alcohol does in mouthwash is keep your breath smelling and tasting good.

The disadvantage of using alcohol-based mouthwash is that it can occasionally cause a burning sensation in your mouth and weaken your enamel due to its high acidic level.

Furthermore, alcohol in mouthwash can cause xerostomia by decreasing salivation, as well as dry lips. We should keep in mind that xerostomia can put you at risk for dental caries, especially if you have gum recession and the roots of your teeth are exposed.

As a result, alcohol-free or zero alcohol mouthwash is thought to be better and safer for your teeth and mouth.

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